Welcome to my website and to Sarah Kay Holistics.

I'm Sarah and I offer a range of treatments to support and nurture your wellbeing using therapies such as Reiki, Reflexology, Holistic Massage, Chakra Balancing, and Holistic Facials. I work from clinics in East Keswick, Harewood and Cookridge in Leeds and mobile on request.

Please browse through my site and if you have any questions, or if you want to book an appointment you can reach me on 07940 769352


Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that encourages the body to balance and heal itself. There are thousands of nerve endings terminating in the feet. These nerve endings are believed to be connected to all the glands, organs and muscles within the body. It is believed that by applying pressure on specific points (reflexes) on the hands and feet the practitioner can work corresponding structures of the body to encourage many benefits including holistic wellbeing, reducing stress and tension.

During a treatment with me you will feel at ease, in relaxing surroundings where you feel able to share your aims and objectives. Whether out of general interest in wellbeing, to help combat stress, or sleeplessness, or to help support you to live with any other health concern, the overall objective is to bring the whole health and wellbeing of my clients into balance. This creates conditions in which your health may improve in a holistic way.

Sarah is also Aromareflex Advanced trained, which means to enhance the benefit of the treatment you will have a blend of aromatherapy oils chosen just for you, For example your focus could be to support with menopause, immune balance, labour preparation or back pain.

I hold an ITEC Diploma RFQ Level 3 and am a member of the Association Of Reflexologists who uphold the highest standards for Reflexologists in the UK. If you are interested in experiencing this therapy for yourself please contact me to ask for more information.​ I cover the areas of East Keswick, Bardsey, Boston Spa, Wetherby, and Leeds including Cookridge, Horsforth, Adel, Weetwood, Moortown, Alwoodley, Bramhope, Meanwood. and surrounding areas I also may offer mobile treatments if you prefer this.

Please note there are some reasons why you would not be able to have reflexology:

  • 1st Trimester of pregnancy
  • Undiagnosed pain or condition
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Flight in next/previous 24 hours
  • Cellulitis
  • Localised inflammation/infection
  • Infectious disease
  • Other potential reasons, such as when you are undergoing imminent medical tests (next 48 hours) and treatment, although this may be temporary, for example when tests are imminent or medication is new. It is not a diagnosis or replacement for medical care.

As a reflexologist I enjoy reading about the many scientific studies showing the benefits of this therapy. Please click here for NHS evidence including the benefits for breast cancer, fatigue, pain management, back pain, menopause, labour preparation, stress, PMS & anxiety and click here for the AoR Migraine Study.

"A true professional in her field. An empathic, intelligent & generous practitioner, whom is in tune with her clients. I have found she brought about a sustainable positive change. High recommended “

Anita, Leeds

Facial and Ear Reflexology

Facial Reflexology focuses on Zone Theory, pressure points in the face, and combined with lymphatic drainage massage and energy healing, it is beautiful and powerful. I often incorporate other services to this treatment, as needed. I studied the award-winning 'Ziggie Bergman method' which is very gentle but precise way of working on the face. As a qualified massage therapist I can extend the treatment to include extended massage. As well as facial reflexology I am qualified to an intermediate level in Auricular (ear) reflexology. I can therefore offer multiple modes of reflexology to achieve results for you.

The benefits are:​

  • More radiant and glowing complexion
  • Emotional balancing effect may assist feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Reduce stress, helpful for menopause.
  • Improved removal of waste and toxins
  • Auricular, ear reflexology is great for muscular-skeletal symptoms and relaxation
  • Relieves facial muscle tension - helping you to age well, naturally
  • Stimulates cranial nerves of head and neck, therefore can support you with any disorders associated with this area, such as migraines, bells palsy, sinus conditions and bruxism.

​As a facial reflexologist and someone who cares about the planet, I love to use Tropic Skincare products, including the elixir omega facial oil, and hot towels. It is lovely when added to another treatment or as a stand alone.

Holistic Massage

Massage and Indian Head Massage has its roots in ancient history. It is a general term for working on the body, using a variety of techniques and strokes that involve touching, gentle kneading, and stroking the body for therapeutic purposes. Massage combined with aromatherapy is a powerful way to benefit both the mind and body. This is because essential oils are absorbed through the skin, and also through inhalation, as sensors in your nose are connected directly to the brain's limbic system, which controls emotions. I am trained in Swedish, Indian Head and Jennifer Young Oncology massage.

It can be used alongside other treatments and you will benefit on a physical or psychological/emotional level. Massage has been known to...

  • promote relaxation
  • relieve stress and tension
  • provide emotional support
  • alleviate anxiety and and low mood / depression
  • alleviate pain and symptoms
  • improve sleep pattern and quality
  • support general well being
  • remove toxins and waste products

The popular treatment of ​Indian Head Massage is my go-to when I need a treat, it has many physiological and emotional benefits and it is a very caring treatment. Jennifer Young Oncology Massage is a therapeutic body massage created with rejuvenation in mind, to restore, lift and improve the flow of energy and nutrients to the body, face and scalp. Specialist techniques, gentle acupressure, soothing massage and products are used to make this a deeply relaxing experience. I trained at the Jennifer Young headquarters in Stafford and highly recommend this treatment for those undergoing oncology treatment. You do not need medical permission, to enjoy this very gentle and light oncology massage.

If you are interested in experiencing this therapy for yourself please contact me to ask for more information.​ I cover the areas of East Keswick, Bardsey, Boston Spa, Wetherby, and Leeds including Cookridge, Horsforth, Adel, Weetwood, Bramhope, Meanwood. and surrounding areas I also offer mobile treatments for reflexology and reiki if you prefer this.

Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is a completely natural and safe method of energy rebalancing, based on the system of healing channelled by Kevin Core. In an Angelic Reiki session, the practitioner is simply a bridge or channel, whereby perfect energy is passed to the recipient. Anyone seeking therapeutic relaxation, relief from stress and needing revitalisation can benefit from Angelic Reiki; an open mind and heart is all you need.

What happens in an Angelic Reiki Session?

I will get to know you a little bit through a consultation, ideally before we meet, so I can find out about your aims and situation. Often clients are looking for relaxation, but frequently my clients are looking for assistance with life changes or transitions.

At the actual session you will be laid on a therapy bed, fully clothed and covered with soft blankets. We can start or finish the session with a grounding or cleansing ceremony. These are short guided meditations which can help you relax at the start of a session, or consolidate the energy at the end. 

I will place my hands gently on the main chakras and sub chakras, which are around your head, shoulders, chest, hips, knees, ankles and feet. If it helps I can show you these hand positions before we start. Often clients are so inquisitive the first time they have Reiki, it can inhibit their ability to really release, as they are thinking about what I am doing, so it can help to show you before.

I will create a channel with source, you may think of this as the energy of source which connects every living thing. My role as the practitioner is to hold a space for this energy balancing to occur.

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I ground myself, the aura of my client and myself to initiate the connection to source. I set the intention for the session by asking that the energy is given for the highest good of all involved. As the client you may experience different visualisations of colours, images, messages or insights and peaceful relaxed feelings. These may be quite detailed or flashes of shapes or impressions. You may feel heat in some areas and experience little 'jolts'. Tingling, itching or pulsing sensations are common. Sometimes clients fall asleep - this is absolutely fine -as you are receiving the energy on a very deep level beyond everyday consciousness.

Afterwards you'll be able to discuss what you experienced. It is good to drink plenty of water afterwards and find some space for yourself during the day or evening following. Angelic Reiki can release blocked feelings or energy, but this is always in a gentle way and never more than you are ready for. I will make recommendations on future sessions and after care. If my client is dealing with life changes and transitions, soul work or soul discovery I will recommend a course of sessions.​As a member of the Angelic Reiki Association I am committed to practicing Angelic Reiki in the form it was originally channelled by Kevin Core in 2002/2003. If you are interested in experiencing this therapy for yourself please contact me to ask for more information.​ I cover the areas of East Keswick, Bardsey, Boston Spa, Wetherby, and Leeds including Cookridge, Horsforth, Adel, Weetwood, Bramhope, Meanwood. and surrounding areas I also offer mobile treatments if you prefer this.