Do I need sun protection in winter?

Hopefully we will see a few more sunny winter days as we move into February! Certainly January has had a few and it feels a little spring like as we move into February. I was thinking about sun protection, as I know the UVA rays responsible for causing most of skin ageing, can penetrate glass, clouds and fog, but it also turns out they are the same all year round, they do not reduce like UVB (responsible for burning) rays do in winter!

So, if your reason for wearing sun screen is to reduce ageing it is a good idea to wear protection all year round. Pro-ageing is important, and we should never feel pressured to look 'young', but many of us want to age gracefully and naturally, whilst also doing what we can to remain looking vibrant. I am a Tropic ambassador and love their Sun Day facial protection. It is very light formula and natural, even certified safe for acquatic life. Ask me if you would like to try the small trial size for just £10.